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Claim your inner peace, safety and freedom. You were made for that, my love. 

Nervous system regulation
Trauma-conscious Coaching & Yoga 
Growing capacity to safely feel again.


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Hello my love!

I’m Julia, Trauma-conscious Coach & Yoga teacher.

As a women who experienced Trauma herself, it’s a calling from my heart, to support people on their path, who went through similar experiences und aim for more freedom and feeling comfortable within themselves, inner safety & a sense of peace.

Our old wounds can influence our life in all areas. Our own, growing business with all of its challenges, which can completely overwhelm a disregulated nervous system, our relationship with ourself and with others… -if we really want to live free, first of all, we gotta take good care of us and our nervous system & learn, how to come back into balance, to let everything thrive from here.

On this path, we eventually return to ourselves and the allowance, to be ourselves completely. Exactly as we are. To create our lifes according to our wishes. Living our authentic self and feeling safe in doing so.

It all comes down to the question, how stable & safe we’re feeling inside of us, because this body is our souls home and if there's no sense of security, it's hard to unfold from this place,, at least it may always feel like a huge stretch, instead of a naturally evolving flow

If our nervous system is disregulated through old Trauma and is being stuck in survival mode, oftentimes the best mindset- or business strategies don’t help. We’re not moving forward anyway. Or we do, but it doesn't feel good, we're easily overwhelmed, tense and stressed out.

The body keeps the score of our individual story. We gotta bring that into our awareness for real, lasting transformation.

We're evolving and moving way more naturally and with less effort if we bring back a sense of safety within, strengthen trust into ourselves and beyond and our wounds can slowly begin, to truly heal. The body can be the most helpful tool on this path.

With sound, valuable knowledge about the nervous system, polyvagal theory, somatic practices and Trauma-conscious Coaching, I love supporting you on your way.

Love, Julia

Trainings & educations

2012-2013 Vinyasa Yogateacher-Training
2020 Breathwork Coaching-Training
2021 Trauma-conscious Coaching & Yoga
with Nityda Gessel, Psychotherapist
2022 Nervous system studies with Irene Lyon
2022 Coaching Education- Selflove Empowerment, Eva Lara Gerhardt
2023 (i.edu.) Embodied Transformational Coach, Teresa Amann, Psychologist 

Translation of all programs & offers in progress

For 1:1 Coaching (online or in person, if you're based in South Africa, CPT area) or 1:1 Yogasessions just drop me a message and we'll make a plan in alignment with your current possibilities. Looking forward hearing from you.